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Bone on Bone Knee Pain Instant Relief
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Whether you’re suffering from a knee injury or experiencing other issues in your knee bones, this pain can be hard to live with.

For this exercise you are simply going to find a seat where your legs can dangle without touching the ground.

Gently swing your feet back and forth allowing them to alternate evenly. No excess force is required. Gentle movement is the key.

Now, if you are experiencing severe knee pain you need to seek one on one medical attention. Please listen to your body and know your limits. There should be no pain when performing this movement. Repeat as long as you are not experiencing pain.

Let me know how this movement felt for you. What struggles did you have? Were there any questions that come up?

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Routines Jan. 14

Enjoy this week's routine and let me know if you have any questions in the comments box below.

Also, after you finish following along to this routine, post your answer to the questions below in the comments section. This will help me get to know you more so we can tailor future routines to the group.

QUESTION #1 - How did this weeks movements feel to you? (Easy, good, hard, painful, confusing, etc.)

QUESTION #2 - Were there any movements you had a hard time with? Why?

QUESTION #3 - How does you body feel after following along to this routine?

Post your answers in the comments below and I'll send you another routine next week.

Dr. James Vegher

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